Why is there no sign of these prisoners, activists locked up in Iran

leaflets_passed_out_in_tabriz_for_awareness_of_two_detainees.jpgThes pamphlets have been spread around in Tabriz, northwest Iran, of two activists who are held in prison with unknown conditions. The picture at the bottom of the paper is Mohammad Habibi, the Telegram Admin and board member of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (ITTA) in Tehran.
The young man above is a social media and workers’ activist Amir Chamani who has been taken away in Tabriz.

100 civil and political activists in Iran released a statement in hope of finding the truth about the fate of 64-year old political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi. He has been missing for 50 days while held at the Central Zahedan Prison, his time behind bars goes beyond 14.

Since Mohammad Habibi’s wife was able to last see him, 25 days ago in a rather isolated prison in Tehran, no information of his condition is provided by authorities. Habibi had been battered and violently detained on March, in front of the school where he teaches.
The number of teachers in prison by Iran has become shocking and concerns have been put forward to Rouhani by one global organization Education International. https://ei-ie.org/en/search?srch-term=iran&site_type=1


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