What's Iran busy with in Iraq, invests to keep Syria in hold

syria_war_and_how_iran_backs.jpgA headquarter has been established for Iran, Iraq and Syria’s economic development.
Iran has made a contract worth $20 billion with Syrians to guarantee continuation of its presence in Syria.
This way the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) will be able to survive in the country after the possible end of the war in Syria and extend its influence by creating a suitable cover.
The major deal under the auspices of Iran, Iraq and Syria’s economic development headquarters was an order made by Khamenei, Islamic prime leader.
IRGC provides interventions in Islamic countries and the region using economic, religious and cultural cover. On the one hand, the headquarter has played the role of supporting the army in the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. As on the other hand, it provides the basis for the expansion and continuation of the presence of the IRGC in these countries. This fact has been shared by the supporters network of Iran’s opposition outside the country.


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