Water Shortages Hit Abadan & Mahshahr


Water shortages hit Abadan and Mahshahr, southwest of Iran where people are demonstrating for clean water and ask authorities where the oil money is spent.

The two counties are in Khorramshahr and the city residents are getting crushed by water shortages. The crisis is causing severe unrest in the area and demonstrators are furious at how the government has been skipping past their critical unease. They chants “We don’t want unworthy officials” as the gathering outside the main city mosque grows fast.

Large gatherings have been forming since Monday in Khuzestan Province and locals have told the governor to get lost. Water is rationalized and locals are forced to wait long hours to buy mineral water. One other issue that is triggering the protests is the fact that Iran remains to sell national water to neighboring Iraq and Kuwait. Protesters in Khuzestan repeated again “Our enemy is not in America, our enemy is here.”

Surprisingly though, Iran managed to team up with Tajikistan at a UN-backed conference on water cooperation that kicked off this morning in Dushanbe. Mehr State-run news agency covered the event ‘Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028’ and said the conference was attended by a large number of countries including Iran. Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian is heading the Iran delegation.

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova and UN-Water Chair, Michel Jarraud as well as other high-ranking officials from 110 countries around the world and Tajikistan neighboring countries, including Turkmenistan president Gurnaguly Berdimuhamedow, and Afghanistan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah and Pakistani president Manoon Hussain are attending the event.


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