Iran’s Unemployment Crisis Spreads Fast

Iran's Unemployment Crisis

Iran’s unemployment crisis is spreading fast though officials try to hide the truth. There are mix remarks coming from Tehran but obviously, they have no exit. It’s easy to blame the economic crisis on America but people chant differently. They hold Khamenei and Rouhani accountable for not managing properly.

One of the painful crises during the 40 years rule of Velayat-e faqih is severe poverty. people in different cities and provinces are in shatters.

An Iranian economist calculates the “absolute poverty line” for a family of four to be 4 million USD. On this basis, 33% of the population suffers from “absolute poverty” and 6 percent below the “hunger line.” This 33% counts up to about 26 million people.

The World Bank defines “absolute poverty” as $1.8 a day per person. 6% below the hunger line means 5 million people. Their income does not cover for daily food supply. A normal family requires other expenses and not only food. This circle cannot afford housing, clothing or transportation.

These days, with rising dollar rates there’s a wave of unemployment. A downturn has erupted in every industry and famine has arisen. People are talking about this on social media. They predict this conditions will lead to famine.

Afghan mercenaries revealed each is paid 2.5 million tomans, (600 or 700 dollars) per month. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps dispatches 20,000 Afghan nationals to Syria monthly. Mohammad Baqer Nobakht had made a promise on behalf of Rouhani. He said the government would pay $70 a month to those living under absolute poverty. This never happened and so Syrian fighters are paid 10 times more.


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