US Sanctions Throw Iran Out of Its Ring

US Sanctions Throw Iran Out

US sanctions throw Iran out of its boxing ring after France’s CMA CGM shipping giant pulled out on Saturday.

As the US sanctions against Iran approaches closer, the Iranian newspapers reveal their fear. This fear resembles the deteriorating economic and political situation of the country. Though officials try to persuade Iran’s problems are caused by an external factor, they can’t cover all the realities. They merely confess the regime facing a deadlock.

This is what the Jomhouri state-daily (Republic) wrote yesterday; Holding meetings to solve economic problems is useless. First, the Government has to be economically transparent. Then maybe we can tackle the president of America to stop his economic war against the Islamic Republic.

The writer confesses that 70 – 80% of state economic enterprises are in the hands of NGOs. They have the potential to drive the economy in whatever direction they want.

Non-governmental institutions are established by ranking official’s offspring. They are called ‘Aghazadeh’ who own thousands of private companies. They accumulate huge profit and benefit. But the question is, how is the government going to deal with it? The core source of rent-seeking in Iran is this regime. Explaining how much the IRGC’s makes out of autocracy in Iran, is itself another story.

The daily introduces a pest called ‘accumulation of wealth’ in Iran’s economy and politics. “This pest is creating a major block for economic reformation. Just imagine those institutions refusing to pay taxes too!”

Iran’s economic deadlock is equal to its political dead-end, therefore it has no other leverage. Iran can no longer crack down on fast spreading protests inside the country. By all means, it appears the time is ticking against the integrity of the Iranian regime.

Today Bloomberg wrote that – US Allies Starved of Iran Oil Even Before Trump’s Deadline.

The US Treasury Department sanctioned a Malaysia-based sales agent on Monday connected to the Iranian Mahan Air.


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