UN's Farhan Haq briefing on Kazerun

farhan_haq.jpgFarhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General made a comment on the situation in Kazerun during a noon briefing yesterday.
Deputy Spokesman:  … Yes, Ben?
Question:  Hi.  Do you have any comment on the violent anti-Government protests in Kazeroon in south Iran, where at least two protesters have reportedly been killed?
Deputy Spokesman:  Well, the comment that we have on this for now is that we want to make sure that the rights of team to assemble and to protest peacefully are respected by all, including the security forces, and we would hold them to that.
Question:  And you’re aware of what’s going on there?
Deputy Spokesman:  We’re aware of the reports.  We would, of course, need…  we don’t have first-hand information on it.  Yes?


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