UN General Assembly Damaged Thru Rouhani’s Presence

UN General Assembly Damaged

UN General Assembly damaged thru Rouhani’s presence is what opposing Iranians suggests. Rouhani should be dismissed from the United Nations as his presence is against peace. His attendance can harm human rights and violate the United Nations’ philosophy of existence.

President of the current Iranian regime, Hassan Rouhani, is scheduled to head New York on September 25. Like the previous year, he will be attending the UN General Assembly.

However, things are going to be very different this time. There’s going to be a significant and important difference this coming Tuesday in the General Assembly.
First of all, this will be the prime UN General Assembly after the United States withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran.
Rouhani had considered this agreement to be important for his presidential achievement, but now, it’s more like a rope tightening around the neck of his whole system.

Secondly, the United States’ President – Trump will be heading the Security Council meeting.

Thirdly, the Iranian regime is fraught with a variety of economic and social crises, but the main crisis and challenge is the issue of regime change. A serious matter that is followed by the main Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Whenever possible, the Iranian authorities make their complaints about this opposition. One recent instance was Zarif’s tweet that demanded to close the accounts of the opposition.
Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari is the current Minister of Iran’s Foreign Affairs.

The Security Council’s member states are also expected to attend the United Nations’ summit due to the coordinated meeting times. Iran too can participate but it doesn’t look to be that way.

Hussein Shariatmadari, director of the Kayhan government newspaper, advised Rouhani not to travel to New York. He reckons Iran can humiliate Trump by not participating in the United Nations session.
Shariatmadari finds this necessary to counter ‘the psychological policies’ directed by American’s Trump against Iran. He wants Iran to roll in only at Foreign Ministery level with Trump chairing the Security Council.
He plans to cheer Zarif to turn the Security Council session into a trial for Trump’s misleading polygamy policies. They expect Zarif to put on a show with his English and knowledge of certain issues.

Whether Rouhani does or does not participate in the Security Council is a minor issue. The Iranian people believe the current regime in Iran should be ban from going to the UN.
Rouhani should be expelled from the United Nations. His presence is against peace, human rights and is a violation of the UN’s true existence.

Rouhani, who has long been a key player for overseeing the regime’s nuclear projects, said this on August 22 at the regime’s Ministry of Defense. “We will not comply with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231. The resolution will not be our obstacle. We will, whenever we want, buy weapons and we will not await anyone’s approval. We will not look at any resolutions. We will sell weapons wherever necessary, we will sell without any consideration or obligation towards any resolution.”


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