Two Young Workers Missing in Ahvaz

Two Young Workers Missing

Two young sugar cane workers are missing after they took part in a labor protest last month. Their names are Reza Reyhani and Khaled Khosraji, aged 17 and 18 from Ahvaz.

Their father sent an audio file immediately wanting to inform his son and his friend missing. His main worry is that their lives could be in danger, now that they have been taken away.

Reza’s father says both of them were arrested during the protest at the steel industry and there’s no trace of them. Reza’s family are all hard-workers like many other locals here.

However much the families have tried, the Ahvazi intelligence authorities have not allowed relatives of these two young workers to search for them at the detention centers. This father complains about how bad their living condition is, and that they want their son to be released immediately.

Ahvazi workers have been protesting for months and holding peaceful gatherings for not receiving their salary. Their main gathering spot has been outside the governor’s office, where many have been identified by the secret police and later arrested.

The police have high control in Ahvaz and security conditions are tough on families. Many have been locked away without formal notice and political prisoners are among them. According to information, prison conditions are low and there is no fresh air circulating inside the cells.


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