Truckers' strike ongoing in Iran

trucks_iran_may23.jpgContinuing a nationwide strike since yesterday, truckers of 72 cities in Iran have joined an earlier announced uprising that demands higher cargo fares up to 50% and lower logistics, vehicle installments costs. All heavy truck owners and drivers across the country have contributed to the strike, now on its second day, by refusing to load or carry cargo.
Drivers in the cities of Saleh Abad in Hamedan, Gaen, and Kangavar have sent footages of their strike taking place today.
This widespread strike has now brought up another dilemma for the government when in some cities in Fars Province such as Kowar and Shiraz petrol stations ran out of fuel leaving a long queue of cars parked outside in hope of something being done for them.
A report from Nain County in Isfahan explains that authorities have smashed the windows of a few trailers that tried to get inside the town.


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