Truckers' strike spreads to 242 cities in Iran

cartoon_picture_of_truckers.jpgNow in Iran, 242 cities are striking as part of a mega strike set off by the truck drivers. Today is the seventh day they have refused to work and load their trucks.
Iran has 31 provinces, in which drivers in all of them are part of the growing story that started out last Tuesday.
Drivers say there was no sign of trucks on the Ahwaz or Tabriz highways, which is usually very busy.
One driver has written that for a casual driver with a decent car, six hours drive is equal to 24 hours driving for a trucker and in some places we have to ride at 20 Kph. He also says that their job is relentless and hard but the government has completely forgotten it.
In parts of the country where dried goods owners would usually load the trucks, today nobody has come to pick up their products. This seems to be causing new problems after the petrol started running short in some major cities due to the ongoing strike.
The truck drivers have put up a banner with a list of their demands that follows:

  1. A minimum 50 percent raise in paychecks for domestic and foreign transfers
  2. Increase in monthly fuel ration so the drivers are not forced to purchase fuel at station rates
  3. Respecting the drivers’ private lives
  4. Adopting a new law to decrease commission fees from 14 percent to seven percent
  5. Authorities to monitor commission fees received from the drivers, especially at terminals in major cities such as Tehran, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Kerman and …
  6. Drivers’ wages should be paid based on tons/kilometer so the rights of drivers and load owner are equally respected.
  7. Decreasing social security insurance rates and including driving as a harsh task to receive special coverage
  8. Decreasing road toll fees
  9. Decreasing annual truck taxes
  10. Establishing a faction in the Iranian regime’s parliament to support the country’s large transportation industry


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