Truckers' strike in Iran, biggest protest movement in past 38 years

truckers_strike_continues_in_iran.jpgDespite the fact that the Iranian regime is trying to censor the spread of the protest, by truck drivers for ten days, online activists and strikers are constantly putting photos and videos of the ongoing protest on the internet.
Official news agencies of the Iranian regime announced that the protest has ended with the consent of the truckers.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development stated that according to the agreements by the truck drivers on strike, from today drivers across the country will start to work again.
The strike has now entered its second week and today is the tenth day and truckers have stated that no agreement has been reached, such reports are all forgery. In some cities again today, taxi drivers have been reported to joining the strike.
On Tuesday in Tehran, as drivers left the cargo terminal they chanted together “Do not be afraid, we all stand together”. Their actions show that they will not come short until they meet their demands.
Confessions of Officials of the Regime: A group of parliamentarians in Iran has acknowledged the deteriorating livelihood of truck drivers. More than 500,000 drivers across the country are dissatisfied and sometimes gather in cities.
The regime’s Suppression and Security Forces: The Repressive Forces have intensified their repressive actions to undermine the strike. Hundreds of truckers were moving in a long column to Shiraz with the plan to join the strikers were attacked by forces and dozens were arrested. In the city of Kangavar, intelligence agents and law enforcement officers used various measures to break the drivers strike.
In Bandar Abbas, the crackdown by police led to clashes with strikers. On Monday in Isfahan, hundreds of striker drivers at Sepahan Cement Factory refused to load the trucks while under police protection. Police officers seek to disperse strikers by shooting gunshots in the air.


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