Truckers in Iran show their strike on fifth day

Iran’s truck drivers continue to be a big nightmare for the regime for the fifth day. They are holding up their strike by refusing to load their trucks and this has paralyzed the country’s systematic distribution programs.
The biggest truck station in Gazvin has frozen all of its loading activities and 1,700 fuel trucks in Isfahan Province alone are on strike. Cities of Ize and Hamedan have also put up the video footages of their fifth-day striking on social media. Pictures of a large drivers’ gathering in Lorestan Province at their central station, showed how united the strikers remained to be on earlier days.
Taxi drivers in Isfahan and Bijar also expressing solidarity with their fellow truck drivers.
Activists report that various media outlets in Iran are claiming an end to this general strike but that all this is an attempt to crack down on the truckers. These drivers say that they know this regime better than most do and that they only give hollow promises.
The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and state police are resorting to a variety of pretexts, including pressuring fuel truck drivers to begin working again and dispatching IRGC-linked trucks with police escorts.
The long slate of gas stations in Tehran and other cities facing severe shortages goes on, as fuel truck drivers continue their protests.


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