Truck driver in Iran says cross-border truckers soon to be out of work

I am an inner section truck driver with university degrees just like my other driver friends. I drive a Benz truck made in 1959 that means my truck has been working more than 50-years. Most of us are driving low model trucks and recently we received a letter telling us our vehicle smart card and car fuel card will be unauthorized and we should go buy a new truck that costs 400-500 million Tomans. This video was sent by a driver in Iran after a two-week strike that spread in all provinces of this country.
In another interview, this is what a cross-border driver told us, Turkmenistan has been charging us extra $2000 since last year, plus the fee that we already pay for entering their land from Iran. But we are not paid that equal amount by Iran. We are paid $4750 to go to Uzbekistan and that’s all used up by the time we reach there.
To travel back we get $1000 and that’s all we have left to spend for 40 days and right now one dollar is equal to 60,000 Rials. I don’t know how to keep the family running or pay for car cost. Officials are out to fill their own pockets or make use of the business for their own popularity and they want to show themselves as the ones that helped solve economic problems.
Background details on drivers 2-week strike:
The drivers are calling for higher freight rates as the government had ruled months ago that freight rates would increase by up to 20% but workers were angered that this promise had remained largely unimplemented. Truckers also called for higher pensions, better health insurance, and cheaper truck repair facilities as truck driving is a precarious and insecure job.
Drivers are usually independently employed or work in small teams without a regular employer, they face difficulties accessing state-provided health and pension services. Rampant corruption has also made cultivating personal connections with terminal and port officials exceedingly important.


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