Tehran Widespread Protests Declare Iran Back

Tehran Widespread Protests

Tehran widespread protests declare Iran back and the street is the best place for it. It’s happening now on Valiasr St. one of the main routes from the Azadi Square.

A video showed a man being rushed off on a motorbike after being shot by a bullet. Heavy clashes have erupted in Eshtehard, Karaj district that just won’t end. People quickly put car tires on fire to block the main roads so repressive forces don’t come near.

People write on social media suggesting those heading for protests should come prepared. Everyone in Tehran is shouting out, Proud Iranian yell out your rights!

The prisoners from Gohardasht Prison in Karaj sent out a message in support of the growing protests. A film of tear gas shot by security forces in Tehran was found. Though the internet has been slowed down by the government to prevent the scenes getting out.

The protests held tonight in Tehran started out in the Daneshjo Park and went on to Varamin. The protests holding up during these past four days have occupied 152 cities. Fox News calls it the most widespread after the January uprising.

152 Cities in Iran Join Widespread Protests

On one other video, a mad warns protesters to not get stuck in neighborhood blocks. Police have men stationed at all ends. Women and men protesting chant, we’re prepared to die to get Iran back. They are anxious to keep up the struggle even though security conditions are tight.

At 9:30 pm protests spread to Andimeshk in Khuzestan Province and people yelled out death dictator. Then more scenes were put on the internet by strikers in Mashhad and Kermanshah. Protesters were united while shouting, show your will for freedom. ‘We have nothing to lose’ and ‘We will die but won’t surrender.’

Multiple Iranian Protests Over Economic Wreck

Men ride on motorbikes passing the flames to inform protesters where the police are gathering. People come in thousands and everyone knows exactly what to do. They tell each other, we will finish this regime together.


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