Tehran was struck by shoe marketers and retired teachers

tehran_shoe_market.jpgTehran got crowded today as shoe shop owners rallied in Tehran. This shoe market is in Sepahsalar Garden and the rally was held due to no support of domestic goods and products by the government.
People said Rouhani had called for a year of full inner market growth by supporting domestic manufacturers but no such thing ever happened. This market has been reported even by state media to have gone towards a downturn in recent months. This strike was bound to happen and the government yet chooses to neglect economic problems casting over this country. In videos shared with our newswire by Iranians, the chant of these slogans could be heard.
No to high expenses – No one supports our products – The government is responsible for lack of efficiency – Our enemy is right here and not the US, they allegedly said – Inadequate officials!former_teachers_acedemics_tehran.jpg
Retired teachers who have not received their state pensions held a protest today outside Iran’s Ministry of Education in Tehran. They were chanting against state corruption “Our problems would be resolved if corruption stops.”


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