Tehran Unrest Forwards in Mashhad, Kermanshah and Isfahan


Tehran unrest forwards on the third day at the Grand Bazaar and protesters are being joined in surrounding markets as well as other cities like Kermanshah. The Goldsmith’s Bazaar in Kermanshah and Textile Market had completely closed and joined on strike.

‘“We will die, but we will not accept tyranny” and “Death to the dictator”’ were shouted by protesters.

Merchants and shop-owners at Abbas Abad market joined the wide market strike in Tehran and a large gathering formed on Naser Khosrow Street, where they cheered for the remaining shops to close and chanted “Don’t fear, we stand together.” Report from Bushehr describes a crowd saying “Mubarak, Ben Ali, this time is Seyed Ali” meaning Khamenei will follow on as previous dictators. One tweet mentions 17 arrested and local news suggests police were beating protesters with batons.

The Honar Bazaar in Isfahan has now packed up and closed to protest against the government lack of action to deal with the dollar rapid collapse in this country.

Cross-Border Truckers Strike in Mashhad

Hard working transporters in Mashhad have staged yet another tremendous demonstration still demanding a fair transit payment that first began in May.

These drivers cross into Turkey and Turkmen from the Sarakhs border but since morning they have stopped working parked all the trucks.



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