Tehran totally lost hope for EU to save nuclear deal by any last move

Reality of what officials in Tehran had hoped for has turned out much bitter and there is no hope left to save Iran’s nuclear deal. The leader, Khamenei stated on TV that Europe must guarantee the missiles program and Iran’s presence in the region and wanted EU to explicitly stand in the face of US sanctions.

“In one word, I believe the JCPOA is a dead deal and the Europeans are busy eating the flesh of a dead corpse,” said Mohammad Javad Larijani, secretary of the so-called Human Rights Department in the Iranian regime’s judiciary, according to state TV.
Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Sunday that the time for Europe to show it can save the nuclear deal was coming to an end, also pointing the finger as such, “This issue must be clear that Iran’s officials will not wait for Europe’s endless promises.”
“The time for negotiations is coming to an end and if Europe considers itself capable of maintaining the nuclear agreement, it must announce its decision explicitly and promptly, as otherwise Iran will take the next steps with regards to nuclear and other issues.” These were Tehran’s final comment indicating no rabbit coming out of EU’s hat as they had wished for.
Major deals are already falling apart and numerous negotiations have ended despite any vow to stay in the accord. Iran’s Foreign Minister has been taking measures to persuade other signatories of the deal to remain on the deal, however without the US many are saying the deal cannot be valid.

There is very little hope indeed that the Iranian economy can survive crippling finance and oil transactions sanctions. This will too raise yet another face to the number of protests hitting the regime for their mismanagement.


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