Tehran second day protest faces police violence

Tehran second day protest faces police violence, while a various number of youths and people joined to the demonstration.

Following yesterday’s protests over rising currency prices in Tehran, the capital of Iran, today merchants of the city’s famous bazaar were seen closing their shops and marching towards Baharestan Square.

The various sections of the bazaar, including the textile stores, gold retailers, Pachenaz, the shoe-makers, the main section of the bazaar and many other branches witnessed store-owners joining to the strike and calling on their colleagues to join their ranks.

All these merchants are protesting the climbing price of various currency and the nosedive of Iran’s currency, the rial.

According to the video received from social media, activists inside of Iran shows that the angry protesters set fire on anti-riot motorcycles now clashes continue near parliament.

News says that the Repressive IRGC and security forces fire tear gas at the huge crowd of protesters in front of the regime’s parliament building. People fight back and chant down with dictator and call mullahs” thugs and scumbags” “Let go of Syria, think about us” “Proud merchants, support us” “We don’t want US dollars at 100,000 rials” “Strike, Strike”

According to eyewitnesses, the streets of Tehran have become a scene of clashes between people and repressive forces.




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