Tehran Bazaar Protests Up Again

Tehran Bazaar Protests

Tehran Bazaar protests up again today as dollar rates remain uncontrollable. People are everywhere in District 12 of the capital. Iran’s merchants are not going to be silent and ask others to join. The Iranian people call it an end for Tehran’s economic policy. They chant we don’t want a corrupt regime.

The Tehran bazaar has different sections including the shoemakers. These shop owners tell us that prices are unbelievable. Nobody can buy a thing and so we’re not selling. At the Manuchehkhani bazaar, protesters ask others to join the strike. The Tehran Mousavi Mall on Saeed Vali Alley is up demanding change. The Molavi Mall is taking part in this protest too.

The crowd opposes government looting and calls the clerical policies clandestine. A man in Saeed Vali says the stores have pulled down their shutters. The Tasnim state-run news agency reported today of 50 million hungry Iranians. That is 75% of Iran’s total population under the poverty line. The latest report by protesters claims people gathering in 15 Khordad street.

Ahwaz Bazaar was on stand due to high expenses and a local said nothing’s working. First wind of sanction has revealed Iran’s big thieves. Protesters make it clear they have to go. More airline and industry trades between Iran and Europe have stopped. A lot of workers including the Tabriz railway workers are on strike. They have not received months of wages or working insurance.

Rouhani has not been able to keep the currency steady. One Bazaari explains the dollar rate was traded 10.000 tomans yesterday. But now it is up again over 11 thousand.


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