Tehran adopts a plan to control areas of protest

wednesday_protest_of_ahwaz_steel_workersIt’s been more than a week and the workers of the Ahwaz Steel National Group started out another day of strike against the provincial governorate. Workers gather to call for the release of their colleagues who were arrested during the past days by oppressive agents of the regime. The workers have sent videos of their protest in which they tell authorities, “We only want production, not even your promises so why are workers arrested?”
Tehran Cabinet meeting on Sunday night set the venue for future gatherings in the Capital city and suburb cities. The Tehran City Council also approved a plan last December that urged for Tehran Municipality to determine the appropriate venue for the formation of protest meetings.
iran_plans_protest_spotsAccordingly, some areas and stadiums named as locations of gathering in Tehran are Dohajerdi, Takhty, Motamedi, Azadi and Shiroudi, Gardens of Talks, Taleghani, Velayat, Pardisans, Artists, the city and the northern side of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. These places have been designated as suitable to form gatherings at.


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