Team Melli Without Adidas Jerseys at AFC Asian Cup

Team Melli Without Adidas Jerseys

Team Melli without Adidas jerseys at AFC Asian Cup coming up next year. This is part of the no deal with Iran that loomed today. Adidas didn’t want to be caught in sanction hazard and called it off. So it will no longer be delivering jersey to Iran’s Melli Team.

The German sportswear company – Adidas announced that its deal with the Iranian Football Federation will not be renewed. Adidas passed the message to Iran’s Football Federation on Wednesday.

We will not extend the existing commercial agreement beyond the agreed term. Under the current conditions, the commercial agreement will end as planned in December 2018.

Then Iran hit back with disappointment coming from Mehdi Taj wanting an apology. He is the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) president. His remark accuses Adidas of disrespecting the Iranian people.

But the true face of Iran at home regarding sport is completely different. It doesn’t even get close to being about respect. There is zero freedom especially for women and how they dress. About three days ago there was a film put out on the internet. A young woman who reported for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) radio was kicked out. The reason was utterly improper dressing while she was fully covered. Shahrbanoo Mansourian made a video of herself straight after she was banned from entering the IRIB building.

Well, football fans will be unhappy about this minor effect by US sanctions but risks are serious. Adidas will not be willing to lose US market to give Team Melli their jersey for AFC Asian Cup. The recent World Cup games were impossible to be cheered at home. Women could hardly get into the Azadi Stadium to watch their team play.


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