Teacher advocate beat, still held

mohammad_habibi_beaten.jpgSince May 10 in Tehran, when Mohammad Habibi was attacked by government agents and arrested during a teacher’s gathering, his wife has only been allowed to visit him for five minutes.
It was only on May 17 when Khadijeh Pakzamir saw him and said “he was wearing the same clothes he had on the day of his arrest, but it was torn off due to the beating. He was not wearing shoes and could barely walk as his feet were bruised.”
Habibi remains in the Great Tehran Penitentiary without access to legal representation and refused, by judiciary officials, to be released on bail.
arjang_davoudi.jpgPolitical prisoner Arzhang Davoodi, held in Zahedan Central Prison continues his hunger strike after 75 days. He is a teacher and a democracy activist, arrested in October 2003 for criticizing human rights conditions in Iran. Prison authorities are depriving him of any visits, phone calls, even reading books and fresh air. His health conditions are most critical but prison guards will not allow his medicines to be delivered in order to keep the pressure on him.
abolghasem_fouladvandThe 60-year-old political prisoner Abolghasem Fuladvand is refusing to take his medication, now for the fifth day, as a response to prison authorities’ lack of attention to his unstable well-being. His arrest took place on June 2013, accompanied by his 17-year-old son and sentenced to 18 years behind bars and 74 lashes on charges of “insulting Khamenei”.


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