Taxi drivers in Kermanshah joined strike

kermanshah_taxi_drivers_strike.jpgThis morning as the truck and fuel tank drivers went on strike for the tenth day, numerous taxi drivers participated in different cities. They were unwilling to run their taxi’s and too demand higher payments.
The government has been unable to lift drivers’ fees for years and this has become unacceptable for them. These further strikes took place in areas such as Kermanshah, at the Basij intersection and Bokan, as well as Mazandaran Province. Taxi runners in of these reported cities refused to work today.
Yesterday, authorities tried to fool the truck drivers by saying their fares will go up 35% so they would end the strike but they didn’t succeed. Strikers have been able to stop a few of the drivers who planned to load their trucks. This shows the high commitment between the cargo union.
A voice message sent from Isfahan explains how Security Forces have clashed with drivers at a cargo terminal. The driver reporting stated the situation to be extremely violent.


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