Iran's Truckers Strike

Iran’s Truckers Strike On

Iran’s truckers strike on from Friday still demanding their rights. The drivers refused to deliver their load to Iraqi drivers in Mehran. The report came from locals in Ilam Province…

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Brian Hook special envoy

Brian Hook special envoy for Iran-Protests sweep Cities

Mike Pompeo U.S. Secretary of State, named senior policy advisor Brian Hook as Washington’s special envoy for Iran. The action came as Donald Trump administration prepared to increase economic pressure…

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Suppression and Government Crackdown in Iran

Suppression and Government Crackdown in Iran

Many cities in Iran have been up protesting this week with a completely new atmosphere, as the main media has also reported. Government suppression and crackdown was heavy according to…

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US can't do a damn thing

US can’t do a damn thing against us, Khamenei says

US can’t do a damn thing against us, was a slogan used for the first time by the former Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, Khomeini during the hostage crisis on…

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Iranian Youths Challenge

Iranian Youths Challenge Oppressive Forces

The protests that began on Tuesday 31 July, first in Isfahan spread into Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, Mashhad, Arak and Shiraz, the impoverished country – with the participation of shopkeepers, market…

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Isfahan massive demonstration against state forces

Isfahan massive demonstration against the Iranian regime corruption went in its second day on Wednesday. The people rallied against poverty and unemployment which is the result of the Iranian regime’s…

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Isfahan Bazaar Protests

Isfahan Bazaar Protests Spread To Shiraz

Isfahan bazaar protests spread to Shiraz since morning’s unrest. More cities are drawing attention to people’s fury about Iran’s economic crash. Today’s market traffic wasn’t showing prospect but rather flows…

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Fundamental change

Fundamental change looming in Iran

The Middle East has been the scene of many developments; Developments that can change the face of the Middle East and the entire world. With these developments and in light…

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Iraqi protests

Iraqi protests against meddling of Iranian regime

In recent days, the Iraqi protests and demonstrates against the political parties and groups associated with the Iranian regime in the provinces of Basra, Najaf, Maysan, Ziqar, Alqadesiyeh, Karbala, and…

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Iran's Water Shortages

Iran’s Water Shortages Longing 40 Years

Iran’s water shortages longing 40 years out of government incompetence. The water crisis in Iran has led to many protests and demonstrations in recent months. Isa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Environment…

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