Medical urgency kept up for Kurdish female prisoner in Iran almost 10 yrs

Zaynab Jalalian a political prisoner writes a letter from inside Khoi Prison to draw international attention to her physical condition. This system [Iran] is a hypocrite and a liar. They…

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What do US recent sanctions on Evin prison in Tehran really mean

What do US recent sanctions on Evin prison in Tehran really mean?

The sanction imposed on Evin Prison in Tehran, unlike financial entities targeted with US sanctions, is harder to understand how it will take effect. At its most, it will put…

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Iran Prisoners' Conditions

Iran Prisoners’ Conditions Or Futures

Iran prisoners’ conditions or futures is a case nobody can guarantee. Minorities and Christians are pick-points by this regime and kept behind bars. Isfahan prison’s deputy director acknowledges that four people…

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Where is Ahmad Motevari after 1 year, prisoner in Khorramshahr

The family of Ahmad (Amin) Motevari in Khorramshahr are still hoping for news of his fate and condition a year passes since he was detained.   He was arrested in…

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Pol. prisoner with risk of cancer, no treatment allowed

Arash Sadeghi is in need of urgent medical care but authorities will not allow him to be hospitalized outside prison. Doctors have warned that he is close to suffering from…

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Wide crackdown on environmentalists in Iran

Two environmental activists, Hamed Sepehri and Jafar Ebrahimi, have been sentenced to 18 months behind bars for allegedly spreading propaganda against the state. The two are activists from Bukan, northwest Iran, and…

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Pol. prisoner in Ahwaz banned from surgery

In an Ahwazi prison, authorities are keeping a prisoner from being treated for medical reasons. This prisoner is Ali Manbuhi and he requires surgery but officials of the Sheyban Prison in Ahwaz…

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Fear for Hamidreza in Tehran's central prison

Being held at the Great Tehran Penitentiary, or also known as Tehran Central Prison, political prisoner Hamidreza Amini has not been heard of for some while. He is a father of…

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Nazanin stuck in Iran's prison

New charges have been laid out for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian mother imprisoned in Tehran. She is serving a five-year prison sentence for spying, since April 2016. Tehran’s Judge made…

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Kazerun yet standing for a week

No one has left the streets in Kazerun as it is not yet clear what has happened to the injured protesters of May 16, neither of those who had been…

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