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There were 9,357 total reported Iran protests in 2018 with a record number of 1,533 protests in October.

Workers staged protests every single month with a total of 1,865 rallies.

The Haft Tappeh Sugarcane workers held a month long strike while Ahvaz Steelworkers held a 38 day strike in protest to unpaid
wages and privatization issues.

Truckers, who protested the most in 2018, held 3 rounds of strike action in 6 months with a total of 3,648 protests.

Teachers held 499 protests in more than two strike actions all over Iran.

Depositors held a total of 297 rallies demanding their money back from regime affiliated credit institutions.

University Students held 227 protests and were the first to chant, “reformists, hardliners, the game is over” in January signaling Iranians disenchantment with the regime.

Prisoners protested from behind bars with 118 cases of hunger strikes one of which led to the death of a political prisoner in December.

Pensioners held 71 rallies in protest to the regime’s policies and low and unpaid pensions.

The government cracked down on the 2018 protests with arbitrary killings, arrests, flogging, prison sentences, and death threats.

At least 58 protesters were killed by security forces during demonstrations while 13 were killed in prison.

At least 10,000 people including workers, truckers, students, merchants and protesters were detained.

At least 60 protesters were sentenced to flogging by Iran’s Judiciary for protesting and dissenting.

The demonstrators have one ultimate demand and that is an end to the current system that has ruled Iran with an iron fist for close to 40 years, destroying the economy and the environment.

During the January 2018 protests, demonstrators chanted “death to dictator”, “death to Khamenei” (Iran’s so called “Supreme Leader”) and “Khamenei shame on you, let go of your rule”, which clearly indicates that Iranians seek an end to the regime.

During 2018, various sectors of the Iranian society initially started their rallies in protest to the dire state of the economy, growing poverty, systematic government corruption, inflation and unemployment. But what started as economic protests quickly turned political and against the Islamic Republic and its leader, Ali Khamenei.

The extent and the increase of the Iran protests indicates that almost all of the 80 million strong population opposes the ruling system, as Iranians blame the regime for Iran’s economic downfall and social harms.

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