Iranians teachers strike

Iranian teachers go on strike for second time this year

Reports from Iran indicate that Iranian teachers have gone on strike for the second time this year. The strike, which was planned before by the Iranian Teachers’ Association, has spread…

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Unions support Iran truckers' strike

Two European labor unions support Iran’s striking truckers

Two labor unions from Germany and the UK expressed support for Iran’s striking truckers, which has entered its 7th day. The German Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (German United Services Trade Union), Verdi…

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Iran bazaar merchants on strike in Tehran

On the first day of the US sanctions which hit Iran’s energy and bank sector, Iran bazaar merchants went on strike in a number of Iranian cities. The Iran bazaar…

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Complaints over Iran’s police brutality against girls overturned by court

According to state media, two female students who had filed a complaint against Iran’s police brutality when trying to arrest them for “improper veiling” were told that there was not…

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Wealthy Isfahan farmers lose everything due to water shortage says official

Farmers in a town in Isfahan that used to be wealthy and prosperous have now lost everything as a result of the government’s mismanagement of water resources. The Zayanderud River…

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Iranian’s truckers start fourth round

Iranian truckers start fourth round of strike

Iranian truckers have started a fourth round of strike based on calls for a nationwide strike on November 1 which had circulated on social media websites. Truckers are protesting low…

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Widespread Iran poverty will lead to regime’s downfall

The issue of poverty was discussed in a meeting on Sunday in Tehran University’s Social Sciences Department where experts on the matter discussed the cause of the growing poverty in…

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Crashes in Iran

Crashes in Iran, Hidden War

The local streets of Iran are places where there is no guarantee of life for car drivers. Accidents and the death of people on the roads are more than just…

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Iranians flock to Cyrus’s tomb despite severe security measures

Iranians from all over Iran flocked by the thousands to Pasargard in Shiraz to commemorate Cyrus the Great. October29 is celebrated in Iran as the Day of Cyrus the Great….

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Iran: 15 HEPCO workers sentenced to flogging for protesting

Fifteen workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO), were sentenced to prison and flogging in Iran. ILNA state-run News Agency said that a preliminary ruling by the 106th Branch…

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