Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tag: Faezeh Hashemi

Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani is an Iranian politician and former journalist who served as a member of the Iranian parliament from 1996 to 2000. She is also president of Executives of Construction Party women’s league and the former editor-in-chief of Zan newspaper.

She is the daughter of the former president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and the sister of Fatemeh Rafsanjani and Mehdi Rafsanjani.

She recently said that the Iranian regime had collapsed.

In a recent controversial interview with the daughter of the late former chairman of the Expediency Council, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Faezeh Rafsanjani said that the regime was only able to stand “through intimidation” and suppression.

Speaking to Mostaghel Daily, Faezeh Hashemi addressed the concerns of the “political elite” about the regime’s collapse and said that the regime had already collapsed.

“In my opinion, in substance, the collapse has already happened. It’s only the physical collapse that has not happened and I deem it very probable that it will happen,” said Hashemi, who is also a former member of Iran’s parliament.

“In terms of substance, the collapse has already taken place because wherever you look, there is failure. Whatever you address is empty in terms of management and guidance,” she said.

“Everything has been abandoned, and no one is thinking about a solution to the problems. And where there are efforts to solve problems, they only worsen the problems,” Hashemi added.

Referring to the government’s policy of suppression and violent crackdown on protesters and critics, she contradicted herself and said that the “possibility of a physical collapse was low in light of the severe pressures and confrontations that had taken place, and the fear” of what would happen if the current regime collapsed.

“The economic and social problems are increasing day by day,” Hashemi said pointing to the growing turmoil in Iran.

“Just to achieve your basic rights, you have pay a big price,” she said adding that the society was suffering from “anger, depression, despair, indifference and abandonment.

“We have a glamorous appearance and an undeveloped and sub-third world essence. This is not a good sign,” she said.