Tag: 1988 massacre

During the 1988 massacre, more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed in Iran in less than three months in the forgotten summer of 1988.

Many of these prisoners were serving their prison terms and many of them had finished serving their time.

Feeling threatened by the dissent against his absolute rule, less than 10 years into the Islamic revolution, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a religious decree, known as the “death decree” to execute all political prisoners, most of whom were members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

He decreed that “as the treacherous Monafeqin [Mojahedin] do not believe in Islam and what they say is out of deception and hypocrisy… it is decreed that those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the Monafeqin[Mojahedin], are waging war on God and are condemned to execution”.

“It is naive to show mercy to those who wage war on God”, he wrote.