State security forces prepare to counter ongoing protests in Kazeroun

On Sunday, April 22, the Iranian regime has deployed a contingent of state security forces near the Shohada Square in Kazeroun, Fars, to prevent protesters from assembling, according to local reports.
Yesterday, a wide-spread statement by protesters called on all the city’s residents to join the protests at the Shohada square on Sunday.
In the past week, Kazeroun residents have been gathering in the city’s main square to protest against the government’s decision to divide the city into smaller parts.
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On April 18, reports pertained to the government possibly backing down from the decision in response to protests, but the final decision has yet to be declared.
The regime’s security and suppression apparatus has been fast busy intimidating protesters and citizens of Kazeroun to quell the protests. According to local reports, the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security has arrested several protesters and has been sending threatening text messages to discourage people from joining the protests.


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