South Pars Gas Field Workers Protest in Bushehr


The South Pars Gas Field workers went on strike on Friday morning to hit back at unemployment at Phase 19 in Kangan, Bushehr. This is the fourth time they get together in front of the refinery complex that is located in the Persian Gulf and is by far the world’s largest natural gas field. About 20 workers, who were previously working as security have been expelled after the 10th refinery operation began.

One worker explained “When the project was completed and the refinery started out a new project, we were all put out of work. However, the authorities promised us that we will return to work but it all seems to be a lie until now. We have been working for the South Pars Gas Field for many years and it’s not fair to unemploy us on excuses for completing the project. How are we going to be managing our lives from now on?”

Another Kangan City worker said “We have been gathering in front of the refinery site four days as local businesses in this region are in danger. In particular, the agriculture and fisheries are in danger and the only source of income for the people in the region is the South Pars refineries that is becoming more limited to natives.”

Meanwhile, these security workers were told by officials that they would be recruited on temporary contracts but nothing has changed for them so far.

Major cities in the southern province have been the bedrock of protests this week, including yesterday in Bushehr an outcry shared on Social Media by a one local on Vahdatieh Junction crossing into Shiraz, said we have nothing and no water to bath or wash our clothes.


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