Shocking state of prisoners

akam_salehi_genius_baneh2.jpgOne elite student in Baneh – Sanandaj, Akam Salehi, was arrested yesterday 15 May for protesting the border closing in this city. He has also resigned from the National Congress for Iran’s Perspective. There has been a long weeks of protest in Baneh to front high tariffs custom by the government.
Teacher advocate, Mohammad Habibi, has not been granted release on bail though his family has gathered the money. The reason is yet not clear and the academician is being held in Tehran Central Prison. Iran is systematically demanding high release rates from prisoners arrested in recent protests.
alireza_sepahi_laeen.jpgAlireza Sepahi Laeen, a Kurdish writer and poet has been sentenced to 74 whips by cable for offending officials. He has been sentenced by a court in Khorasan Razavi Province and was arrested once before in November and released on bail.
ali_zaheri_sari.jpgA young civil activist in Ahwaz, Ali Zaheri Sari, is now on hunger strike in Sheyban Prison. He is protesting the unclear state of his case in prison since his arrest on 8 May. A large number of protesters in Ahwaz were arrested for gathering to condemn water being taken in large portions by authorities from Karoon River. They have been held in solitary confinement for 4 months and tortured and mentally harassed.
Health conditions of Zahra Zare, a political prisoner in the women’s ward in Evin Prison, is deteriorating. Zahra was arrested during Dec.-Jan. protests in Iran. Since that time, she has been confined in solitary cells and had a nervous breakdown. Her only crime was being active on the internet. Prison officers have been neglecting her medical condition and slow to call an ambulance to take care of her.
Avisha_jalaledin.jpgAvisha Jalaledin, a Dervish political prisoner, has been refused to see her young daughter while being kept in Qarchak Prison in Tehran.


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