Security agents summon Kazeroun activists to quell protests

Following the widespread protests by the residents of Kazeroun, Fars, over plans to divide the city, the Iranian regime’s security forces are resorting to different tactics to intimidate protesters and preventing demonstrations from expanding.
According to local reports, the regime’s intelligence agents have asked several shop owners and activists to present themselves to the city’s intelligence police. Several members of the city council have also been summoned by intelligence authorities.
کازرون.تجمع اعتراضی نسبت به جدایی بخش هایی از کازرون.970127 3
The random summons is aimed at intimidating protesters, who have been gathering in the city’s main square for more than a week, and comes at the heels of other repressive measures adopted by the regime. On Sunday, a contingent of state security forces were dispatched to the Shohada square, where the protests were taking place, to frighten protesters.


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