School Stationery Costs Rise

School Stationery Costs Rise

School stationery costs rise before 23rd September when classes will open in Iran
School children all love to arrive in fancy dresses and unique stationery, but that doesn’t seem to be the reality this year. Many families are being crushed under high costs of stationery. No, this has nothing to do with the sanctions. Its got everything to do with a corrupt Iranian regime.  

Alireza Salimi, member of the Iranian parliament had recently said: “There is a powerful mafia in the stationery market.” 
A father sent a picture of a few handbooks and pens all adding up to 81 thousand Tomans.

Locals in Bushehr have shared their stories about how prices are going up in their cities. One man said “In fact, the issue of rising stationery prices against the decrease of requirements is still surprising! It shouldn’t be like this before the season and the start of schools.” 

Many vendors have boosted their products in price at famous shopping centers in Bushehr City. They describe the reason to be dollar price fluctuating and commercial problems and sanctions. Contrary to the economics’ knowledge, it isn’t the buyer or seller influencing the decrease or increase in prices. The past two weeks in this southern region of Iran has shown turbulence and inflammation. Bushehr’s marketplace is hit by unstable expenses that will turn tense for the people in the following days.

There aren’t any major requests from buyers so why are prices still high? There shouldn’t be such high figures now because there aren’t that many requests. The customer aren’t so much for stationery prices to be this high. We should be expecting a tsunami of rising prices as demands will grows in late September when schools open.

Larijani: Many seek their own profits

Store owners in Mahabad’s market say there isn’t an hour passing without currency and gold rates changing. Ali Larijani, speaker of parliament had said that “Economic problems are not just psychological, but many people are seeking their own profits. Hence they are going to increase liquidity” during an official meeting.

Prices have risen by 20% because families are not able to buy as before. Purchases have fallen by 50% compared to last year, for an example if you were capable of buying 10 jotters last year; you can only get five this year. A stationery seller stated that paper is imported and that too makes a rise in prices. “If I keep selling at usual prices I will only be able to rebuy half of what I have. So I’ve got no choice but adding to expenses.”


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