Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy or else?

Sanctions paralyzing Iran's economy

Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy is raising mixed issues. Some people ask, is it true that the sanctions are not really putting great pressure on Iran? 
If a country’s economy is defective, sanctions can be strangulating for it
Iran’s economy relies on oil exports, on the one hand, and imports, on the other hand. This is a result of wiping out many of its domestic production and agriculture as well as livestock.

To Iran, imports act like airways for their economy and sanctions are blocking it. When you can’t breathe, you start to choke. So this is why sanctions have a vital role. 

  1.      Water crisis
  2.      Environmental crisis
  3.      Addiction and social corruption caused by poverty
  4.      Malnutrition-related illnesses

Iran’s leaders name these ‘the super-challenges’ with dozens more of social problems. It’s these crises that have brought the society to an explosive point.

Unmatched Inflation In 20 Years

Iran’s central bank reports of unprecedented inflation rate in its economy. This has got mainstream media’s total attention too. The publication came out since August 30, which also shows an even bigger storm coming Tehran’s way.

Professor Steve Hank, an American applied economist at the Johns Hopkins University made this suggestion on September 20. Iran has hit a rate of 283% on inflation. This is astronomical and has not been repeated in the past 20 years.

Monitoring the price changes for ten market items shows the general trend of rising. This is putting pressure on most people, especially those of low-incomes. 
A monthly survey looked at August this year and last year. Prices of chicken, veal, and egg had gone up the most.

Only Two Possible Ways

Iran can comply with demands from the international community, specified in 12 points by the US. But this will result as the end for Velayat-e Faqih and this regime has to abandon all its fundamental principles. Such an act is equivalent to a major change in Iran.

Or Iran could continue in its current path to confront the global community. This route will suffocate its economy and tighten the force belt. This is going beyond the threshold of tolerance for Iran’s society! Iran should expect more uprising in the face of continuing its malign behavior. In fact, pretty much both paths are leading to one destination – the fall of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its entirety.


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