Rouhani’s history in human rights violation

Iran Gets Denuclearize Message

The human-rights violation during the five-year rule of Rouhani is a fact that the international community breaks his silence on human rights abuses in Iran.

In a situation where rally protests and strikes are rising every day in Iran and regime serves as a destabilizing force and exporter of terrorism in the region, the Swiss government officially welcomes the president of the Iranian regime, Hassan Rouhani.

Five years into Rouhani’s murderous bloody reign, he is known as the king of Execution, 3400 in one year.

human-rights violation in Iran

Under Rouhani more people have been executed than any of his predecessors in 26 years.
About 80% of the Iranian people live below the poverty line.
Each year, 5 million Iranians enter poverty due to increasing prices.
Arbitrary arrests are common, and for every 100,000 people in the country.
Iran ranks fourth in prisoners per capita worldwide.
At least 81 women have been executed. Additionally, gender segregation has been institutionalized in offices and universities.

Iran continues to imprison more journalists than almost any other country.
The regime regularly arrests journalists and bloggers.
Rouhani has flatly stated Iran would not give up its centrifuge capacity for making bomb material in any negotiations and stressed Iran would not back down.
Iran is at the center of conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen as it exports its radical fundamentalism.
Prices are continuously rising. Rouhani has admitted 34% recession, the reality is much more.


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