Rouhani’s European trip ends without success

Rouhani's European trip

Rouhani’s European trip was planned to achieve so-called “a brilliant initiative by the Iranian President,” an Iranian state agency said.

Before Rouhani flight to Switzerland, he urged Europe to stand against the US unilateralism following Washington’s withdrawal from the JCPOA.

What were his brilliant initiatives?

  • Iran’s regime wanted to useRouhani’s European trip as a show to convince the regime’s forces that they have not been isolated. Rouhani stated:” If Europe guarantees its country’s profits, Iran will remain in the nuclear deal without the U.S.
  • Second, after failing to gain the support of the most powerful countries, France, Britain, and Germany, Rouhani has been trying to find backing among other, less influential states in order to decrease the pressure of US sanctions.
  • And finally, there’s a possibility that Rouhani was seeking to approach the U.S through Switzerland as the longtime mediator between the Iranian regime and the U.S.


The factual result of Rouhani’s European trip:

Rouhani’s trip beyond of the propaganda surrounding it was a disgraceful failure, did not have any clear and definite achievements.

In particular, the Chancellor of Austria wanted Rouhani an explanation about the  Iranian diplomat who has been arrested along with two people suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a meeting of  Iranian opposition group in Paris on 30 July.

  • Reuters reports: Europe’s ATR is urging the US administration to unblock the export of about six regional planes to Iran, alarming of “serious loss” to its finances from the breakdown of deals negotiated with Washington’s approval before a change of foreign policy.
  • The U.S Ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenfell, now is in hurry to contact the company’s executives to cancel their deals with the Iranian regime investing in a more prosperous US market.

Over time and by approaching the deadline of US. historical sanction, more European companies are leaving Iran market.



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