Rouhani warns US, War with Iran is the mother of all wars!

North Korea solution

While the US president Donald Trump is proceeding with the strongest sanctions on the Iranian regime, in an effort to squelch the country’s oil sales which provide the most financial effort for  Iranian regime’s proxies in the middle east, Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani warned the US.

On Sunday, July 22th Hassan Rouhani cautions Donald Trump about following the policies against the Iranian clerical regime, saying

“War with Iran is the mother of all wars,” “Mr. Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret.”

For those who are not familiar with this Iranian pharase, it’s good to know that the term is known to people who are not aware of the danger of their work.

In the other hand, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday backed Rouhani’s suggestion that Iran may block Gulf oil exports if its own exports are halted.

The US president Donald Trump Immediately replied to Rouhani’s threatening words by tweeting in all capital letters:

History of 40 years the Rule of the clerics in Iran shows that in moments of weakness and inability, mullahs are most threatening.

Iran has two options going forward, since it does not have the power to play with various options: negotiating and accepting conditions that will have heavy repercussions or trying in vain to counter sanctions.

Iran cannot ignore the growing waves of protests inside the country.  This is what it rightly fears most of all, and it will be the power of the people that will eventually bring the whole establishment to its demise.




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