Revealing High Security Prison in Ahvaz


Revealing a high-security prison in Ahvaz where largely political prisoners are kept and tortured. It’s called the Ahvaz Clinic Prison and it’s known for restraining and protecting information.

The political prisoners’ section in this detention house has six rooms and about 100 political prisoners are detained in this section. This prison is in Charshir Square, meaning four lions, behind the Aboozar Hospital.

In the political prisoners’ section water is usually out of use so it’s not possible to bathe regularly. The sewage is always full and contaminates the space.

The sanitary condition is far too low and prisoners do not have drinking water, they can only get two bottles after waiting long hours.

A report describes that prisoners speaking Farsi are held in Room 1, which also includes supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Of Iran PMOI/MEK.

Room 2 is where alleged Wahhabi and Salafi defendants are being kept.

Room 3 belongs to prisoners in connection with Ahvazi Arabic groups.

Room 4 is for prisoners without security ties, who are at times hired by the prison agents to spy on other prisoners. The room is also called the service room.

Two atheists are detained here and Hojat is one of them who was arrested for putting up slogans (graffiti) in Izeh, Khuzestan Province as well as holding a social media admin. He has been severely tortured in this detention center and his hands crippled ever since. This prisoner was raped several times while being tortured. Prison agents first told him they would let him go, but have now issued a ten billion toman release bill for him.

The lack of facilities and the unclean environment is itself a hardship, but prison agents also impose mental and psychological pressures on detainees.

Given the diversity of beliefs and religions of prisoners, the Ministry of Intelligence tries to create hatred and disagreement among them so they give each other up.


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