Rallies pick up fast across Iran's cities in just couple of days

Today workers at Tabriz Industrial Machinery Company held a protest to demand their unattended wages. One labor activists said “According to Article 12 of the Labor Code, by purchasing a factory, the new owner must pay all the demands of the workers. These demands include annual benefits, hard and harmful labor, and wage arrears. But the tractor manufacturing company is not abiding by the law.” After 11 years of unsuccessful privatization, this company was transferred to the Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company and became a member of this holding. The workers of the Tabriz Industrial Machinery Company claim that the new owner refuses to comply by payment law.

Tuesday, a group of workers who are employed at the Bostan Municipality gathered in front of the building entrance in Khuzestan Province protesting for their 5-month wage arrears to be given immediately. Iranian authorities have declined to pay the wages of these workers and refrain from addressing their demands and responding to their protests.

Personnel at the Terminals & Tanks Petrochemical Company in Bandar-e Emam, Khuzestan Province issued a statement that demands a change in the company’s management. The statement reads in parts that during 9-year management of the present Persian Gulf Holding CEO, each year there is a decrease in salaries and instead what increases are class discrimination between formal employees, temporary contracts, and third parties in this company.


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