Protests take place in Tehran and Ahwaz wanting serious changes

ahwaz_steel_workers_protest.jpgAfter clashes with police this week, a group of workers from the Ahwaz National Steel Group held a protest and sit in for the third consecutive day declaring the release of their co-workers. They gathered in front of the main Judiciary in Ahwaz. The number of detainees held in prison due to earlier protest concerning worker’s rights abuse is said to be more than ten. Earlier reports had indicated even up to 60 steelworkers arrested but nevertheless, the authorities have not taken any serious measures to fulfill labor rights and payments.

tehran_studensts_of_social_sciences.jpgStudents at the al Sciences Faculty University in Tehran protested against heavy sentences issued for students by (what they call) a criminal judiciary. They gathered there to demand the abolition of student sentences.
They withdrew from setting their exams at the Faculty and called on their science professors to be involved in the securing university students.


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