Protests take place in Iran as economic fall brings further outburst

In the Kurdish Province, a large number of truckers stopped work and formed a gathering on the Saqez main road. Their protest yesterday was aimed to stop the government from hiring none local trucks to supply cargo that is putting them out of jobs that keeps their families maintained.


Sellers and owners of several shopping centers in Hamadan gathered in front of their store building to protest high prices of goods. They want decent purchasing rates so the economic power can be shared by the people. Some of the owners say there have been a raise taxes for vendors.


Farmers in Garmsar and Aradan are protesting a disastrous disconnection of water by the government. These farmers have always been supplied by the Nimrud Dam but all of a sudden their agricultural lands are seen to be drying. This gathering took place in front of the Garmsar Governorate in the province of Semnan.


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