Protests from Mashhad mall to jobless youth in Bushehr and more in Tehran

A major turn took place at Atlas Mall in Mashhad yesterday when store owners closed to call a protest on the government for recent economic disorders. They are refusing to open until officials deal with the market breakdown. Most of all they declare officials to stop their corrupt financial system that has put the shop owners in depth.
They want the high prices in the market to be lifted so a normal shopping cycle is able to form again at this city mall. Further protests are expected to follow as the government shows no exit in this country crisis.

Youth in Bandar Deylam, which is part of Bushehr Province in southwest Iran, protest for a second round against the state for refusing to assign locals as employees in the city oil facilities.
The furious crowd closed the main road connecting Kohgiloyeh & Boyerahmad Province to Bushehr Province for 12 hours despite the heat and desert hot winds.

Retired members of the Sepah Bank in Tehran gathered in front of the bank’s central building in protest to poor living conditions and loss of monthly rights.


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