Private Car Holders in Iran


The private car holders in Iran have started internal blows by different ends of the Iranian government that is creating smoke by online news agencies. Certain matters being revealed about Iran’s car industry is lighting the match and the financial benefit behind it. In some statements, these political rivals reveal secrets of certain plans to hit the jackpot.

The state-run Sazandegi newspaper published an article titled “Disclosure of the car mafias”. It writes that the complete car industry is owned by four Iranian families who are the Ferdows, Gerami, Riya, and the Haddadzadeh. So these family businesses practically reign Iran’s car imports and take control over the car markets.

Some of these owners apart from being in charge of importing authentic foreign cars, also manage large industrial complexes in Iran. It’s not just the car industry that has become a monopoly of a small group but the agriculture market, mobile phones, import & export, and even sports are privately owned.

Iran’s industries have been making popular headings on state media throughout decades. The government corruption and bribery and embezzlement are like a rope strapped around the neck of officials. However much the factions pull as they struggle for power, they bring each other closer to the bottom line. Here the story is short but the full edition can be seen thru lives of the new generation who are without a job and the majority of families left under the poverty line.

Iran News Wire’s editor Nikoo Amini had provided a comprehensive article to the devastation. To remind what one economist official, Hossein Raghfar, had said, “according to our studies over the past few years, 33 percent of the country’s population is afflicted with absolute poverty, while another six percent, nearly five million, is close to starvation.” The situation we are facing in Iran is a phenomenon called giants and Mafias of wealth, those who have taken all the wealth exclusively for themselves.


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