Prisoners Executed Routinely By Iran

Prisoners Executed Routinely

Prisoners executed routinely by Iran is a way to broadcast fear amongst the people. As recent as Thursday, a 26-year-old man was executed in Marvdasht, Shiraz. The execution took place with his family present, on charges of kidnap and murder. His mother was said to have been desperately calling out to God.

Another prisoner named Ahmed Gomshadzehi sentenced to death, was hanged in Saravan city’s prison. This took place a day earlier and expected to be a sign of further more.

Ramin Hossein Panahi’s brother, who is also in jail gave out a message. Afshin Hossein Panahi thanked all civil activists, political parties inside and out of the country. This note came after Iran executed Ramin, that took the world by shock. He wrote, “I’m grateful for all of your tireless efforts, support and love to prevent and stop the execution of my innocent brother in the past year.”

Soheil Arabi’s mother has also informed of her son’s recent condition. She said Soheil is forbidden calls and denied seeing visitors. She can only get to see Soheil after receiving a warrant which makes a tiring travel for her between cities. The prison supervisors keep passing her to other authorities each time. Farangiz has found out that a new sentence has been given against her son. She explains Soheil is pressured for ‘releasing statement addressed outside the authoritative system’. Soheil is a long time serving political prisoner held in Tehran.

International Democracy Day for Iran

Today is Internation Day for Democracies around the world. It’s aimed to support the democratization movements within the countries. But sadly in Iran, there is no chance of democracy with the present rule. If you were following #DemocracyDay2018 you’d notice the silence on Iran. In this state, the only existing law is to execute and prison anyone looking for democracy.

In Ardebil, prison guards raided the political prisoners’ ward and took away their belongings. The inspection, commissioned by Yaqub Sarbazjdan drew on Thursday. Head of the prison ordered seize of their property including books.      
Also, news from Marivan tells us of eight arrests concerning social activists. This city is still in unrest after the execution of three Kurdish prisoners. 

Arash Sadeghi has been transferred back to Rajai Shahr Prison on the behest of authorities. Doctors warned the political prisoner needed re-sampling and specialized examination after surgery. He is diagnosed with bone cancer and requires a strict hospital care.

Arash Sadeghi Needs Hospital Care


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