Iran Prisoners’ Conditions Or Futures

Iran Prisoners' Conditions

Iran prisoners’ conditions or futures is a case nobody can guarantee. Minorities and Christians are pick-points by this regime and kept behind bars.

Isfahan prison’s deputy director acknowledges that four people are put into prisons every hour in this province. Siroos Amini claimed 40 percent increase of ‘unforgivable crimes’ and 8 percent of other levels of crimes this year.

He admits the reason for such condition is resulted in taking away the economic life, describing that when someone gets fired at work, becoming jobless ultimately leads to family conflicts that end up in illegal actions.

Other cases of arrest are the minorities, the Court of Appeals confirmed the verdict of four Iranian Christians each sentenced to 10 years in prison. They are Yusef Nadarkhani, Mohammad Reza Omidi, Yaser Mosibzadeh, and Saheb Fadai.

Pastor Nadarkhani became a Christian at the age of 19 and was convicted of apostasy in 2009 but he refused to apologize for changing his religion. Mohammad Reza Omidi, Yaser Mosibzadeh, and Saheb Fadai were arrested two years ago on charges of following what is called Zionist Christianity and action against national security. All four are now on bail and may be called up for the implementation of their sentences soon.

Chief Justice of Tehran, Gholam Hossein Ismaili has also stated there is no legal prohibition to impose any sentences in Ramadan. There have been numerous arrests of those who eat publicly on the fasting month.


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