Poverty outburst in southern Iran

An employee at one of the oil companies in Iran tells me that poverty, or how he put it as the economic death, has hijacked the people. He is a witness of how modern and educated people have transformed into smugglers. These smugglings and thefts mostly lead up to killings by individuals or groups who want revenge. Murder tolls are on the rise, he says, due to these scams, mainly in the deprived cities of southern regions of Iran such as Ahwaz. He is keen to mention that none of this is published and nobody knows about it because the government and local authorities will have to deal with the conditions but it has no such decision to do so.
This oil worker continues to speak in bitter words telling me; in our area, it has become common for shopkeepers to close their stores at 8 pm as the poverty-living families clang to the shops desperately wanting food by force.
The officials of the regime are lying about us having security, he points out because rising poverty is causing a horrific threat to public security and you can see this in lots of neighborhoods.
At night, there are a number of people on the streets looking for food in waste resources. Collecting and selling plastic containers is now a fast-growing job. I saw a woman one night who had covered her face with a mask so others did not recognize her and she was taking remains of used food from garbages.

I also know that in areas such as Boyerahmad and Kohkiloyeh women and girls sell themselves as prostitutes. Most of them are either widows or their husbands are retired workers. They no longer have a breadwinner left in their family or any money.


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