Painful facts of an oilrich village in Ahvaz

Baldi, a villager in Dehyar tells the Tibin_Ir interviewer that it has been 50 years since oil wells were exploited in Ahvaz but nothing has changed for the people of his village. Only that living conditions are getting worse. We have to go all the way to the city center to be injected,m he adds. You are observing that we have no hygienic systems and (the authorities) supply no proper infrastructure or public services.
They will not let us pass entrance gates to go find a job around this neighborhood, says another mid-aged man. Children who finish the fifth grade (primary school) cannot continue on becaus they have to travel all the way to the city and that is not possible for them. It’s nothing less than diying here, we are thursty and it’s devastating to beat the heat without electricity. The governemnet doesn’t provide anything for us.
An old lady says we live on an oil-rich land but our people are without jobs. If someone gets hurt or injured here he must remain to suffer.


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