Padideh Shandiz Shareholders Protest

Padideh Shandiz Shareholders Protest

Padideh Shandiz shareholders protest for nine days and form sit in. The shareholders gather in Mashhad outside the Padideh Shandiz company. Their promised payments have not been delivered. Families put down their rugs outside the company building till night.

The Padideh Shandiz shareholders protest did reach some high points. On Friday night agents came to beat the shareholders. Thugs barged into the families holding their protest. They shouted at them and threw things around to create fear.

Protesting shareholders had trusted the Padideh company with their money. They’ve only been given a small amount of what they earn after four years. These protesters have put up a sign outside the Padideh company. It says we want our full compensations and losses. This is what our commitment letter confirms.

During past days protesters chanted if it wasn’t for the scavenger we’d have our share. It’s been nine tough days for them in Mashhad. The law enforcement officers intended to arrest the protesters. Some of the ladies stood up to them.

Padideh Shandiz works as an International Tourism Development Company. It is recognized as a public company to sell stocks. The company holds a private joint-stock in restaurants and construction.

Protesting shareholders are widespread in Iran including the capital. They no longer have any trust in the government. Their rightful demands to receive saves from financial institutes is ignored. Iran’s president Rouhan hasn’t been able to save the economy. With sanctions on the rise, people look to gain back their losses.


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