Oil Tank Crashes With Sanandaj Bus Smoking Off

Oil Tank Crashes With Sanandaj Bus

Oil tank crashes with Sanandaj bus leaving at least 20 passengers dead.

Clashes broke out by angry locals in Sanandaj last night with government repressive forces. The reason, a heavy accident between a fuel tanker and a bus that started off a large fire. A lot of passengers have lost their lives. The people were furiously watching the scenes and decided to stand up against state forces who were doing nothing to help. One car, belonging to security forces, was turned over by the angry crowd.

The number of deaths is more than 20 but increasing momentarily. The incident is heartbreaking and nothing is left, to search for possible casualties.

Ava Today reports, the Quds Force had bought Kirkuk oil for lower cost agreed upon by an Iraqi Kurdish party. It’s like stealing oil and the Quds Force is responsible for this tragedy. Wikipedia explains the Quds Force as a special forces unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards responsible for extraterritorial operations.

The police’s remark is that the tanker’s brakes didn’t function and crashed with the bus. AP news agency says Kurdistan Province has declared three days of public mourning over the crash.

What can only be seen 4oo miles west of Tehran is black smoke. Iran is a long time record holder of road accidents and still, the government shows no sign of developing security for travelers.


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